The Primary Classroom

Our Primary Classroom

The Primary program is truly a gift to your child. Designed for children between the ages of 2.5 to 6 years, it is an opportunity to nurture a child’s individual development within the context of a group setting. Your child will spend three years in this inspiring environment. The result? Self-confidence, joy and a lifelong love-for-learning.

It’s all about your child

We are proud of our hand-picked team of Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) guides, however at The Montessori School it’s all about the child. Not the teachers. Unlike conventional classrooms, where all children are expected to pay close attention to the teacher, our program does the opposite – the teacher is trained to closely observe your child’s interests, tendencies and needs. You won’t see the teacher standing at the front of the classroom at a chalkboard, but rather down at your child’s level, engaged with her or a small group.

Your child will stay in the Primary classroom for 3 years when the seeds of learning come to fruition. Reading and writing come to life from sounds and symbols. She is introduced to numbers and the decimal system. She learns about geometric figures and the political countries of our world. She leaves the program with a strong set of academic skills; but, far more importantly, with the attitude that learning is fun, exciting and boundless. At this point, she is ready to move up to the Elementary Program.

One size fits none

Instead of a top down curriculum based upon age, the guide is trained to respect your child’s unique potential and connects him with the lesson best suited at that precise moment of development. Your child will be challenged according to her ability, not to a generic standard. Because the curriculum is individualized, your child can work at his or her own pace while participating in a mixed age classroom community. Your younger child learns by observing the behavior and activities of the older children. Your older child gains self-confidence, leadership skills and responsibility by setting an example for her younger friends. In fact, a sign of a true Montessori environment is the mixed-aged group. It takes time to create the right balance of individuals in the classrooms, but once it’s there the results are amazing!

The gift of choice

Your child will be introduced to a broad range of concepts and activities in individual and small group lessons. The real learning occurs through independent activity – by choosing to explore it, repeat it and perfect it. In our Primary environment, your child will learn through manipulation of the scientifically designed Montessori materials as manufactured by Nienhuis – one of the few AMI approved manufacturers in the world. Through continued use, your child develops a concrete understanding of abstract concepts, such as mathematics, providing a solid foundation for learning into the future. While most of the day is spent in self-directed work, there are also times for group activity and play. The teacher may gather a group for songs or to tell stories about a cultural, scientific or historical theme of interest. Ample time is also given to run, dig, explore and play with friends outdoors.

AMI qualified guides

Our AMI certified teachers choose this career because of their love for children and dedication to Montessori. Their depth of training and knowledge is amplified by the joyful and deep relationship they develop with your child throughout the three-year journey together.

Essential life skills

The Primary classroom is designed to help your child become his best self. The teacher works to perfect the environment – in it, your child works to perfect herself. Our guides put tremendous care and attention to detail into the classroom with low shelves, beautiful artwork, books and cultural items of interest to pique your child’s interest and stimulate his senses. The children respond by developing a sense of classroom community and a drive to care for it, further deepening the bonds of the community and their quest to learn. Through “grace and courtesy” activities, we model how to solve conflicts, how to act politely in social situations and how to be kind and helpful to friends; essential life skills that will allow your child to successfully navigate the world of tomorrow.

Curious about the next step for your child? We’ll grow together with our oldest pupil. We are currently working on our Elementary program and hope to launch soon!