The Montessori School Foundation Curacao

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About The Montessori School The Montessori School Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to introducing and championing the Montessori lifestyle in Curaçao. The foundation aims to achieve this goal through The Montessori School that offers programs for children up to age six in a tri-lingual learning environment according to the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) standards. We believe that when the youngest members of our community are supported by an environment and educator that fully meet their developmental needs, they can be guided to reach their full potential. Through small scale parent and teacher education events we will make the Montessori lifestyle accessible to our entire community. If you would like to help us reach our goals, pleas consider donating to our fund through Our Mission It is our mission at The Montessori School to guide and support the optimal development of each child to his or her full human potential and to provide timeless education in a changing world. To do this, we provide: prepared environments at each stage of development that support the child’s physical and spiritual needs; fully trained and experienced guides and support staff, as well as administrators, to surround the child with prepared adults who understand the child’s task of developing him- or herself; experiences that prepare each child fully for a joyful and engaged adult life in his or her community; constant deepening of our practices by professional development and attendance at AMI conferences and workshops, and by consistent, clear communication between all staff and with the parent community; a diverse community that reflects both the reality and the values of life in Curaçao. Our Vision The Montessori School serves the diverse needs of children from 6 months to 6 years. We are a community of staff and families who work collaboratively to provide all the necessary conditions for each child’s optimal development. We do this by providing beautiful, completely prepared environments according to AMI standards, filled with motives for activity that allow each child to follow his or her unique path of development freely. Through our programs, children receive a high-quality educational curriculum, as well as the freedom to learn at their own pace and with their own learning style. Curious about our story? Read this blogpost!